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Friday, August 04, 2006

"you look good, you look tony robbins good"

there's nothing like adorable men crossing the street to talk to you to start a day off well. it's jamaican boyfriend season in bar harbor. the actual boyfriend isn't as thrilled with this phenomena as i am. but they're all very polite. where's the harm?

speaking of harm, this is ridiculous. i suppose every one is allowed to be unpleasant if they want to, but people have sued and won for lesser things. this guy was as innapropriate to the non-obese woman as he was to the obese one, but it's baffling what people think they can say to fat people and get away with. take my jamaican boyfriends for example, i'm sure they hit on me not because i'm fat but because i have breasts. but many a person has commented to me that it must be because i'm fat and black men love fat women. why would anyone say that? out loud? and think it's ok? there is no excuse for bad behavior.

i'm sure it's not limited to americans, but we seem to have have squashed the definition of attractive into the tiniest possible box. and yet people meet eachother, like eachother, have sex, get married, are loved without squashing themselves in this box. you'd think common sense would have overruled at some point but it just doesn't. magazines debating over too fat, too skinny over a difference of five pounds. perfection is so elusive. what's wrong with having a broad spectrum of attraction? why do we have to make that dirty.

i know we talk about this all the time because we all live it every day, being assured of your attractiveness, or even your existence in the world of the perpetually starving, is a positive, wonderful thing. i don't care who hits on me in the street, or where they come from, aslong as they're pleasant. i think it speaks to their good taste. and matt's. which he enjoyed hearing very much.


pastgirl said...

that's just so right on!

Coco said...

Amen, Amen, AMEN . . .What is WITH people?! (sorry; it's been one of those weeks where this phenonmenon has been made,shall we say, manifest to me a couple times, and Ive been brooding) You so hit this on the head, and pretty balanced to keep the sane perspective.

Amy said...

thanks guys, i never know if i've gone too far.

Nancy said...

Excellent post. Thank you!!!