10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

scenes from movies you should never think resemble your life

never make a blueberry cobbler out of nostalgia for your sister and then eat it right before bed even though it smells so good. it's a bad idea. because in the morning you'll feel like that scene at the pie eating contest in stand by me and if you know what i'm talking about think of puppies playing on the beach right now or you'll be lost to the darkside.

i was home yesterday. sitting in front of my fan. quaking slightly. but i got a lot of thinking done. i've been thinking about all the comments too, they've been helpful. i did think about homemade chocolates, traditional pies, cutesy desserts for the summer crowd. i agree that MDI is over bakeried. i'm thinking more of doing something from home on a small scale, market to the general stores and see what happens. low overhead, bake mostly to order. there's nothing to lose but flour and whatever shred of self-confidence i have left. but really, i can't sit around and wait for something great to happen to me, i have to do it myself.

that relates perfectly to the fat actually. you can't sit around and wait to like your body better anymore than you can sit around and wait to like your job, right. you have to do something about it or you end up watching your shows and eating tubs of frosting with your fingers for the rest of your life. and that would be sad.

in the positive column i would be trying something new, it wouldn't be too much of a loss and if i do go down in flames i can write it off my taxes. with cake. i'm liking this idea better and better.


Michelle said...

You'll never know how it turns out if you don't try. Like you said...start small and see how it goes.

Coco said...

I am right there with you, fat and soul. I also absolutely agree with Michelle . . .do it NOW, and know that no matter what happens, you'll be able to handle it (sorry; I think I was just channelling *Face the Fear and Do It Anyway* -- which is really not bad advice, actually!)

I love your blog, but please, for the love of all that is holy, never mention those tubs of frosting again -- it's what I bravely battle every month, and the puppies ain't workin! ;)

pinky pinkerson said...

seeing that pie eating contest on the big screen is one of those definitive pop culture moments of my entire life.

I am laughing right now - and I am definitely lost to the dark side!

(do you think they used a hose? they HAD to have used a hose!!!)