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Thursday, August 10, 2006

lumbar strain

i've been practicing my posture lately. or trying to. the pilates helps and i do feel better when i use all those muscles properly. the downside is the cracking noise my spine makes when i realize i'm slumping and i sit up straight. it is the noise of 25 years of slumping being painfully reversed. snap snap snap. cheaper than a chiropractor anyway. snap.

in business news, what do we think of the Chocolate Moose Bakery? too maine? too dorky? it could really work if i had street frontage. tourists love that shit. is it not what i'm going for? i can't decide. i like Chocolat! too, but the website is for a belgian chocolate importer. those belgians, they're why we can't have anything nice. Just Desserts is very taken in San Francisco, the website would be buried. Cake Factory is a possible, but i don't love it. i am taken with calling it The Bakery, using a very simple card and web design. too boring? i thought it was chic. which may be totally off the mark for where i live. these aren't chic people. these are people who get pissed when the roadkill deer gets hit in the stomach 'cause then you can't eat it. but then why do i want to market fudge truffle cake to that crowd?

and furthermore does it bother anyone else when skinny people dress like idiots? such a waste.


Kyra said...

Hmmm, I do like The Chocolate Moose one... But I thought that had been taken already too? But that also implies only desserts for the most part.

What all would you be making, speficially???

Amy said...

i would be making only desserts, and probably sweetbreads. i don't have the ovens to do breads for real, unless in the glorious future i expand.

there is a chocolate moose candy company. in D.C. that has to do with alaska. according to the state of maine i just can't step on any toes in this state, but who knows who would take a liking to sueing me. it's all so exciting.

Coco said...

I'm submitting my vote now, since it's likely my internet connection'll crap out on me again today (yes, I am bitter . . .):

Small Indulgences (Jen's idea)

The Bakery (I like it, & locals wouldn't be confused)

Loafing Around (your title yesterday -- duh)

What about *The Cake Store*? Too IKEA?

pinky pinkerson said...

2. YES. I always think - "if I had that bod, I'd dress it so much better!"

1). I like Chocolate Moose, and I really like "The Bakery." Simple and elegant.

The woman who made my wedding cake calls her business "a cake tray" which I don't really understand.

and in my town there is a catering company called - "The Catering Company." as in THE, this is the one to use, the only...catering company.

MayQueen said...

The minimalist in me really likes The Bakery, although I am partial to The Chocolate Moose. The thing is, how many dessert puns are there really? It's ridiculous not to expect a little overlap.

Let Them Eat Cake
Eat It Too (Eat it! Stupid cow)
Just Desserts (That one has to be taken, I'm sure)
Sweet Emotions (You could meet Aerosmith when they sue you!)
Amy Cakes (I might start calling you that)
Mt. Dessert Confections (Okay, I've gone over the edge)

Skinny people dressing like idiots? Have you been looking at pictures of me circa 1996 again?

Amy said...

i saw the skinniest lady dressed exactly as kylie minogue ten years ago. who wears hot pants on vacation?

Kyra said...

The Maine Dessert
Amy Occasion
Sweet Dreams
Cloud Confections
A Piece Of Cake (think that one is obviously taken)
Sweet Rewards
The Sweet Spot
The Sweet Stop
Cake It Up A Notch
The Cake Topper
I Dream In Chocolate
Wild Mousse
Mousse Crossing
All Things Cake
All Things Baked (course, then you'd need that oven)

Coco said...

If you're gonna wear your hot pants, when better? ESPECIALLY if you'll be in Maine. But seriously, for the sake of recapturing the visual, what color were they? Heels, too? Age of the wearer?

Amy said...

you think emeril would sue if i used cake it up a notch?

Sugarcrook said...

who cares if that no-talent ewok sues? think of the outpouring of public support you'd get!

i *hate* emril.

Amy said...

i've never even watched it and i hate him. bam is not a good adjective.

MayQueen said...

Emeril filled in for Regis this morning on Live. I watched it for about thirty seconds. Boy, was he dull. Kelly had a look on her face like she was going through all the people who could have been her co-host that day and she suddenly longed for the single entendres of Geraldo.

I watch Live with Regis and Kelly :(

Beth Currie said...

Have been mulling over names for you today! Best OH and I could come up with was The Upper Crust. What with you doing posh desserts and all. Think that phrase might be a bit too British though. Does it even have any meaning over the other side of the pond?

Having now read your latest entry, I'm loving The Bakery. It's simple and minimalist, sure, but I think that could work. I'm picturing you with a really classy logo in just a couple of colours. And business cards so thick and glossy each ones uses up an entire tree.

This is very exciting!!

Amy said...

y'all are creative. i think the resounding mood is that i ought to try for The Bakery. it would be simple and classy and obvious. and i can't find one with that name in the state (we'll find out soon enough). made some calls about a kitchen and the meals for me program might be able to help...if she calls me back. crossing fingers, toes...

Coco said...

Yay! The Bakery! =)

Michelle said...

I vote "The Bakery" too.

It's so exciting. Also, if you need a tester? I'll gladly volunteer..(o:

Coco said...

Me too, Me too! BTW, this is probably not appropriate, but, ya know, I'm kinda like that . . . do we get a Bar Harbor t-shirt just for voting? ;)

...jus me said...

I like "The Bakery", but also like "The Maine Dessert" I am so excited for you! now we can say...I knew you when...

Kyra said...

BTW the way, "Cake It Up A Notch" isn't taken, nor is it something he could sue you for. :) I liked The Upper Crust too, though. :)