10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, August 11, 2006

"i did it to see him eaten not to see you fed"

i spent my evening doing pilates and talking to my sister. we threw names back and forth at eachother for atleast an hour. she came up with no less than 4 baking related verses for rick james' less known hit "super cake". it's super cakey. my seven year old nephew likes king cake and my two year old niece liked all of them. we both liked "icing" but maybe it's too claire's. we went international with pastelles or gateau. pretty much, i have a long list to take to the town (or the state, no one is quite sure, which is why i'm so glad to pay the 3rd highest taxes in the country and still have no useful government). and i have a lead on a kitchen if the lady ever calls me back. apparently "meals for me" has a kitchen to prepare food for the elderly, and sometimes you can rent it. it would be very cool if that worked out. today i'm researching packaging.

anyone else going to the truck pull this weekend? no. just me then. i'll be thinking of you while we watch diesel engines move slabs of concrete through sand. over and over again. but matt is excited so i am excited. it beats our previous plans which were hiking his mountain where his neighbor is baiting bears. matt does not bait and he does not allow baiting on his acreage. however, his closest neighbor does and it's legal and there's nothing we can do about it. so hungry ass bears will be roaming the mountain and despite matt's eagerness to teach me to shoot his plethora of guns...i'm not down. add to that the 500 9mm shells we found on the road and you have me extremely nervous to be moving to amherst.

matt's a little nervous about the shells too. even for an enthusiast, 500 is a lot of shells. being shot down the road. that we all walk up and down. if the things going on in the big bad world aren't enough to keep you on your toes, try idiots with handguns using your driveway for target practice. i've been hoping that they'll wander into one of the neighbors bears, the irony would be overwhelming.

and i have a kitchen! the lady just called and meals for me shares theirs every afternoon and all day on the weekends. i'm taking a tour today. no health inspections, no having to shave the cat. no holds barred. oh my god am i scared.


Kyra said...

You can do it!!!! It'll be great! :)

Oh, and by the way - we just so happen to be going to Pulls today as well. Tractor and Truck. Unless the demolition derby got rained out yesterday and now it's today. It's one or the other, but my son wants the pulls.

Except they don't do slabs of things. They have this big thing behind them with this weight that increases as the seconds tick away. So it's how far you can pull it before you can't anymore. :)

We pay massive taxes and have no useful gov't either. But dang, the town meetings (fights) are entertaining as all get out. I'm going to start bringning popcorn like Gilmore Girls. :)

pinky pinkerson said...

super cakey! that made me giggle.

Beth Currie said...

Bear baiting and guns. Wow, sometimes it's like you guys live in a different world. I for example have never seen a real live gun, or a bullet. Or a bear for that matter :-)

Very excited about the bakery!! It's sounding so cool!

Amy said...

the bears and guns scare the shit out of me. i'm going to have to buy a treadmill just so i don't have to run with the wolves, and bears and moose. i'm not jogging with a rifle, i'm just not. i haven't shot one, and i'm not sure if i ever will. matt really wants me to learn even if i never use one, just in case, but i really think screaming and running are going to be my strong points.