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Monday, August 14, 2006

brevity is the soul of lingerie

god how i love dorothy parker. she is one of the few poets i can read over and over again. and her stories. if you haven't read big blonde, find it. if anyone ever hit the nail on the head with fat literature it's her. but anyway. hi. how y'all doin? the truck pulls were the best we ever saw. you know why, two engines blew up and one truck lost it's rear wheels. nothing like morons breaking their overgrown tonkas to make a spectators day.

what's going on in with the fat? nothing much. except i totally forgot to buy food this weekend. to eat. like all week. no one's going to starve in my house but it's amazing to find myself not thinking about what i'm cooking and when and who for at every moment. i spent all my money on baking supplies anyway. tonight i'm frosting miniature cakes. we bought a reduced set of frosting tips so for practice instead of doing different things on one big cake i'm making miniature tiers. flowers on one, stars on another, and so on. i'm looking forward to it. as jen suggested, miniature cakes could be my thing. and as matt hasn't recieved a birthday cake yet, he could get a tiny wedding cake of his very own. wouldn't he blush?

***edited to add that i bought a cookie dropper on saturday and i used it last night. and i got an even three dozen. to the last scrape of the bowl. if that makes you as hot as it makes me, you should go buy one. now.***


pinky pinkerson said...

now that - that would be beyond cute.

i'm blushing on his behalf.

there is def. a market for small or small amounts of high-quality cake. for five years, I have been dreaming about getting the cake lady who made my wedding cake to make me a little one just for me.

ps - I just read a book that irked me, but the baking descriptions might amuse you. it's called The Whole World Over.

Amy said...

i'm writing it down despite the fact it irked you. and if i thought it would survive, i would send you a tiny tiered cake. but i'm more optimistic about the petit fours. i'll post pictures though. i can't wait to get home.

...jus me said...

Amy, I think mini cakes would sell, even for people who are trying to watch their weight, kinda, and don't trust themselves with a big cake at home, but maybe just enough for dessert for two?

Rebecca said...

i LOVE the idea of mini cakes!!!!