10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, July 10, 2006

paranoid, not me

i didn't step near the scale at all this weekend as i was too busying worrying myself into a frenzy because ye olde mestruation was two days late. two days you say! you must be pregnant. commence meltdown. but alas, no. that was the best part about dating girls, no silly reproduction worries. so, i spent my weekend shopping and skirting the pregnancy test aisle. i bought moldy cheese (going back tonight) a birthday card for matt (it says i love you more than shoes, get it?) and two packs of on sale toilet paper (because if the apocolypse comes i want to be ready).

i've been doing that end of the month shopping where you try to use up all of your coupons before they expire. so we have 3 cans of condensed milk, two pound cakes (don't ask) and whole wheat pasta at $.80 a package. but i didn't buy any icecream. mistress sarah will back me up when i say that i don't need to buy ice cream EVER AGAIN, as she experienced my freezer hoarding first hand. the problem with the ice cream isn't even that i eat it. i don't really. matt eats it. and he needs to. that boy burns more calories standing still than i ever could stepping or running for hours.

the problem with the ice cream is that it's always on sale and i can't pass up sales. i physically can't. the breyers is going for $1.77. i'm only flesh and bone here. i can't resist it. and the best part is that i don't even like breyers so if i buy a ton of it i'm not that interested in eating it. but you see, the freezer can take only so much and it's officially full. i've been asking matt if he wants ice cream every five minutes since tuesday. he thinks i'm trying to fatten him up. HA. i have better motives. i want to make chili with the 600 cans of beans i found in the cupboard. and i want to freeze it in portions for last minute lunches. good idea right? low fat, protein packed, vegetarian chili...if i can ever shift the ice cream.

so the journaling is going well. i'm enjoying it more than i thought i would. it's much more positive than i expected it to be. i was thinking it would be a list of reasons for recrimination but it's turned into a list of reasons why i should be happy with my choices. that's freaking awesome. it's so easy to focus on the one slip up and feel like all you ever eat is cupcakes for breakfast but when you see in print that it's actually not the truth, it's exciting. it's like proof positive that i'm not failing myself. woohoo, journals!


Jennette Fulda said...

I've always been a bit jealous of girls whose cycles are like clockwork. Mine has always been more like the city bus schedule. This month it showed up a week early, but there have been times it's shown up a week late. So unreliable! It would take at least a week for me to start skirting the pregnancy test aisle.

MayQueen said...

My cycle used to be all over the place. Then I went on the pill and it was always on the Thursday sugar pill. Then I went off the pill and was still regular as clockwork, except my cycle was 20 days long. Which is why I went back on it. That and the cramps. And the acne.

Oh my god, your freezer is where discount ice cream goes to die.

MayQueen said...

p.s. I wore the reversible skirt today and trucker honked at me. We're getting married next week.

Amy said...

there's nothing that says romance like a good honk.