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Thursday, May 25, 2006

the iris

hello biology class, it's called the iris. and the bump is probably this. which fits in marvelously with my other conditions. great.


Rebecca said...

so...we shouldn't be spending as much time outside?!

wtf?! i mean....we are told be active, healthy people and now we might get pigs in our eyes! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! At last I've found someone who has the same thing I do!
Unusual in this part of the world.
Not that I'm happy for you or anything...
And, yes, I did spend alot of time outdoors when I made my living working with horses.
My son spoted mine last year,(left eye) and he told me I had "eye snot"! LOL
Went to the Doctor who sent me to the eye guy and they both told me that they will not do anything about it till it grows over my iris. ICK!
What the heck!
I'll have to wear a patch if it gets that big!
Eye drops work when it gets scratchy but I my eye waters alot more than it used to.

Amy said...

i'm sorry my diagnosis went another way. i was confused about it all since we have no sun in maine. ever.