10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, February 03, 2006

i'm starting my first real diet today. phase one of south beach. i went grocery shopping for it yesterday. it's damn expensive to eat sugar free. two weeks, two weeks. i'm going to weigh myself tonight with the new scale and write it down and not touch it again until next friday.
i bought splenda candy and sweetener and a whole bunch of vegetables. some salmon and some chicken, which i left at the damn store. in bangor. so i know what i'm doing tomorrow. and to the gap to return the size 16 pants i bought for the big interview. i'm hoping i can keep wearing my size fourteen seriously stretched out pants for a while more. and then move to lesser sizes. but i'd hate to fantasize too much about smaller clothes. better to wait and be surprised.
i told the boyfriend last night how pissed i'll be if i have to get new smaller bras. not because i don't want them to be smaller, but because i just laid out a pile of money for the current ones. I'm a mess.

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