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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"we've got to get her a man before she fills this house with crucifixes and pussycats"

if i don't choose a date for my wedding reception rebecca is going to reach through the computer and kill me.  the thing is, choosing a date is hard.  really hard.  i'm not sure how much i can commit to having my whole family around for my wedding.  I had assumed that matt's family would be the problem but now it seems that my anxiety about my own family is the problem and i guess that's why we're planning an elopement in the first place.

the latest idea is to video tape the actual wedding and show it as a movie at a very cool old movie theater.  it's not expensive, it's a super fun idea (i think) it would hold all of our guests and we might be able to have alcohol for those who want it.  the problem is that securing a date and inviting people makes me feel itchy.  even if we end up just having friends up and watching a movie of our choosing with popcorn, it wouldn't be a total waste of an experience.  gosh, i might need chocolate and valium to get through this planning.


The Merry said...

Sounds like there will be ample material to keep your readers fascinated. So long as you survive the experience without doing time....

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Oh I love that idea - the movie of the wedding. It's YOUR day. Do it with no regrets. Screw everyone else. :)

Rebecca said...

at this point i may just plan a vacation out to visit you anyways...;)

Amy said...

gosh, jail would solve so many problems.

i'm glad you like that idea! so far it's all been positive feedback.

that would be awesome. i'm going to call today or you can reach through the phone and smack me.