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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

wedding progress report:

Today I received most of my wedding ensemble.  unless i hate it when i try it on of course.  I got a sweater that is very vintage looking and actually looks just like my bouquet.  I'll post pictures when I find time to try it all on.  it could be fantastic...it could be way too matchy matchy.

I also ordered a belt for my dress which is not matchy matchy so hopefully it works out.

I have a few pairs of shoes that go with my belt, or vice versa, I'm not sure which ones i love the bestest but i get to try it all on and see what i like best.

I ordered two sets of wedding cake toppers today.  two sets?  yes, i'm a jerk.  I couldn't decide and since they're actually salt and pepper shakers it's not like I can't use them.  I have a pair of very adorable vintage black swans who make a quirky goth heart when put together.  I also have a pair of pewter birds i can't remember the name of, pheasants maybe.  they are very graceful with long tails.  So I have a quirky option and a gracefully beautiful option depending on the mood.  I can of course use them both on my table all year for any occasion and I just couldn't resist losing them at their super cheap prices.

I have a few more things to buy for matt's ensemble and a few small things that I know i will want for one of my wedding related parties that I will purchase as funds allow and then I am calling it quits on the shopping.  if you keep shopping you keep finding things you like better and second guess your choices and i'm just done with that.  i'm burnt out on decision making and i really have a lot left to do so some things really have to get settled on the quick.

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