10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"We all wish we were worms, Lem, but that's never going to happen."

Half of the ladies at work are on weight watchers now and the other half spent all of last week eating the valentine's day chocolate.  Guess which half I'm part of.  It's a long week working full time short staffed and chocolate isn't really the answer but we can't seem to help it.  It'll be a relief to have all the candy gone on monday.

I'm making Matt his valentine's day treat tonight in order to end the madness tomorrow.  It has to be a clean break from all the candy, sugar, chocolate nonsense.  I'm not doing weight watchers again because it's way too much money for what I get out of it but I am using my fitness pal to keep an eye on things.  It seems a lot easier than sparkpeople, especially if you eat a lot of the same meals.  That is my main focus right now, automating meals and snacks.  Knowing exactly what you're going to eat and just doing it makes all the difference.  I'm not trying to be perfect just to do the same things every day because that's what works best for me.  Now that I accept that maybe I can accept responsibility for all my other choices.

In other news, did I mention we adopted a new cat?  His name is Leo and he was being fostered at my work.  He was hit by a car and his owner chose not to do anything about it...the shelter asked if they could have him and put a cast on his broken leg.  He still sits a little funny but he's adorable and the dogs LOVE him more than anything ever and he eats everything.  He ate knox's peanut butter kong, stole it right from him, took a bite out of Matt's chocolate chip cookie and ate chopped cabbage right off the chopping block when I was making cole slaw.  Cabbage, seriously?  He is the weirdest cat but we love him and the woofs are enjoying the winter a lot more with a kitty to keep them busy.  Chairman meow will never admit it but the new cat takes the pressure off of her and she gets a lot more freedom with the dogs preoccupied.

This is a picture of his first day at work.  He has huge amber eyes which make him look permanently surprised...like he had a bad facelift.  It's hard to tell how tiny he is in this photo but holding him is like holding air.  He just stole a candy cane I didn't even know we had and carried it into the bedroom and now he's napping with the dogs...he's definitely one of the gang.


FatGirl said...

The new cat sounds hilarious :) pics?

Amy said...

I added a picture...made me realize I haven't taken any at home. I'll have to get on that!

FatGirl said...

aww a ginger kitty <3