10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Darn your sinister attraction"

We have been fostering a very cute kitty named Leo for the weekend.  He's staying at the bank during the week looking for a new home and at the weekend he's all ours.  The dogs think he's the best present they ever got.  They have a lot of fun sniffing each other and napping.  Chairman Meow seems not to care all that much except when she looks at new kitty you can tell she wishes she had a gun.  The dogs are too busy to notice old kitty and new kitty who runs and plays is a lot more fun.  Matt keeps saying what a cool cat he is but won't actually admit to wanting to keep him.  I swear I didn't mention anything about keeping him first, I absolutely swear.

It's a bad time financially as we come to terms with December's Discover card bill.  Car insurance and Christmas, even though we didn't spend that much, was a huge bill even before all the vet visits.  So I'm on cheap skate mode.  I made a lot of red beans and rice for lunches and matt's got a freezer full of stews and chili's.  I'm trying to buy nothing except the necessities for as long as possible to get through the pinch and then we have a house to save for so it's probably a good habit to practice the cheap.

I've been looking at all kinds of house stuff recently and the numbers are just insane.  How in the world do cabinet pulls cost that much, seriously?  Hardware and door handles and windows and sinks, dude.  Expensive.  We're trying to choose quality things so we won't have to do it again but the urge to pick something cheap when you see the prices is so strong.  How much does a toilet have to cost, seriously.


The Merry said...

How much does a toilet have to cost, seriously.

Srsly? When it's 20 below and the only alternative is an outhouse? Priceless.

I figure the only thing to do is buy stock in Home Depot and Lowe's.

Unknown said...

I just accidentally "adopted" 2 outside kitties. Our old inside kitties wish they had guns too. Or at least the thumbs they need to open the patio door.

No kidding about the price of cabinet and drawer pulls. I keep thinking, "Surely they have made some mistake?!? This must be the price for a 5-pack of pulls..."