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Friday, June 25, 2010

"You never really know a car until you drive it through a wall."

I had two job interviews yesterday and each of them have very strong possibilities of not ending in tears so it's been busy around here.  As I was getting ready Rebecca asked me if I have a "get psyched" song.  When she wants to get in the mood to take names and kick ass she listens to Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" which is an awesome ass kicking song.

I have a bunch of songs I listen to when I have to do something I don't necessarily enjoy, like washing dishes.  I have a lot of dish washing songs but they aren't really kicking ass songs it's more like scrubbing bubbles.  So I thought about it a bit and decided that "Movin' on Up" the theme song from The Jeffersons was the best choice.  I mean obviously, I want to move on up and have a piece of pie so is there a better choice?  Rebecca hadn't heard of it because only terribly old crone's know 70's television shows.  

Any other recommendations for songs that promote the kicking of ass?


MayQueen said...

It's hard to go wrong with Eye of the Tiger.
"Gobbledygook" by Sigur Ros does not promote the kicking of ass, but it does put me in a super-positive mood. Kick-ass and positive? "Feelin' Good" by Nina Simone. That horn section makes you feel like damn powerful woman.

Amy said...

i forgot about walkin' on sunshine, that's a good one too!

Rebecca said...

i cant wait to see what other peeps say!!

another song I'm totally digging right now is Leona Meyer "Satellites". You might have to You Tube it since I dont think it's jumped the ocean yet!