10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"Tanning is an art and a science, Mike."

I am seriously tired of dead things.  SERIOUSLY.  I had no idea the number of corpses I would have to deal with as a dog owner.  I was trying to remember exactly how many dead things I have had to touch since I got Knox and I can't remember all of them, I should keep a tally on my wall.  In blood.  It turns out the roadkill fox is the stinkiest dead thing to date, so that's special.  I have incense burning all over the house but the dogs still need washing.  If only I had a hose.

The naughtiness of my dogs is having an adverse effect on my exercising.  I spend more time worrying and shouting than walking or running.  I spend the same amount of time outside, only my increased heart rate is due to irritation and fear instead of exercising.  I should check sparkpeople cardio for panic, should net me a few calories burned.

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