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Monday, June 21, 2010

"But I haven't spent any money, I was all dead...and frugal."

I called about a job today.  Monday morning just after nine, I'm like efficient today.  And I'm sweaty from running in the god awful for Maine heat of 77 degrees at 7 in the morning.  Seriously, it's like someone shook the weather eight ball and we're getting august in june.  The bugs are on club med vacation and the garden LOVES the sun (it's actually green, and growing this year) but me and my woofs are over it.  I guess we're all too furry for the heat.

Today I'm calling for more jobs, bringing out my pilates mat* and reading this blog because she's adorable, that post is on shame and is particularly awesome.  I stumbled on Already Pretty when I googled "high waisted skirt" and lo and behold dietgirl linked her too.  The world is small lately.  I opened the paper up to an add for a job that is essentially the last job I had.  It was like "hey, you know how you can't get a normal freaking job?  It's because you're supposed to be doing this!" so we'll see how that goes.

*I've been really into pilates lately for the most ridiculous reason ever.  I picked up my living room throw rug in order to wash it (Seriously, no, don't ever do this.  First we beat it, then I put it in the tub and it took literally HOURS to rinse all the dirt out of it.  That was two days ago and it's still drying.  Washing a rug in a tub is like a litmus test for moronity.) and the living room is all hardwood and inviting.  There is something about looking at the empty floor that makes me want to put my mat down.  I don't expect the rug to dry for another year so maybe I'll be a pilates instructor by then.

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