10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, April 05, 2010

"if a fashion magazine told her to, she'd wear cats strapped to her feet."

Nothing, nothing, nothing...that's what I've got lately. Sat on my couch and got nothing done but some dishes, and a pot roast. I am a housewife, a bad one. Remember that show Married with Children and Peggy ate bonbons and they were broke all the time, I feel like that's my life. I know it's not the truth but that's what it feels like. Some weeks are harder than others. Having nothing to do but run the house feels like it should be awesome except it's not. It's boring beyond all recognition. I kill time all day, kill kill kill it. A hundred years ago when I thought about being home all the time I thought I'd be exercising all day and cooking all day and I'd lose a hundred pounds and write the american novel and be awesome in some third as yet unknown way but mostly it's just boring. I have clothes to fold but you know what...it doesn't matter if it gets done today because I have tomorrow...and the next day and the next day. I thrive on deadlines and pressure and getting things done and when there is nothing to get done on any particular timetable I just kind of unravel. This is me unraveling I guess.

I keep thinking of ways that I can give my day structure and turn my life into something beyond killing time. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I have whole weeks where I don't feel the crushing weight of nothing. This week is not one of those weeks and as Merry says this is a no blogging zone. I hate blogging about nothing, it depresses me and I'm sure it depresses you.


The Merry said...

No, what depresses me is that my life is all deadlines and no sleep and justgetitdonenow pressure and it's not fair! Why does life have to be all feast or famine?
I want half your nothing-ness, and I'll trade you half-my hecticity in exchange. Deal?

The Merry said...

p.s. Waaaaah :(

(Can't go around saying 'it's not fair' without a 'waaah')

Sugarcrook said...

I have to admit that, at this point in my life, I'm basically waiting for death. I can relate to your overall boredom.

Amy said...

well that was unexpected.

MayQueen said...

"You know, if you're not too busy having SEX WITH MY MOTHER."

Sorry, best part of that whole episode, had to say it. Also great, when Buffy in Faith's body asks Giles, "What's a stevedore?"