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Saturday, March 20, 2010

No cake left behind

At fitbloggin with Rebecca and jennette pondering oatmeal versus captain crunch French toast. Healthy living indeed.


The Merry said...

Why 'versus'?
Why this confrontational approach?
Why not sponsor a feeling of unanimity and fellowship and have all three?

pinky pinkerson said...

is this Captain Crunch, comma, French Toast, or captain crunch french toast? I can't even imagine how you would make it!

Amy said...

You're right Merry, my heart is two sizes two small in this instance.

We didn't go to that cafe so I never got to find out...I'm not actually sure I would have ordered it myself but I would have studied jennette's, it sounds like a food mystery to me.

pinky pinkerson said...

I had to google it - you just add crushed capn' crunch to regular old french toast. I did find a yuckily-photographed version, with blackberries and Cool Whip. Now THAT sounds healthy.

workout mommy said...

there was capn crunch french toast? and i missed this?! Damn. I had the oatmeal and now I'm feeling pretty bummed about that! :)

Amy said...

the french toast was a field trip...felt a little naughty at a health conference!