10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

"Thank you for the little backpedal."

This morning I set my shirt on fire which pretty much sums up this week as one of those weeks that drowns you in ridiculous circumstances. I have a crazy cold and a big ass snowstorm that might never end and now I have burnt a hole in my very expensive patagaonia capilene shirt (which is much warmer without a big damn hole).

I'm hoping I can let all of that go after a shower and a walk and have a good start to the new year. I'm going to make some vanilla from a kit I got from my sister, which I'm very excited about. I go through a lot of vanilla and when that bad boy is ready it'll last 7 years with refills. I'm way excited about that, no more buying vanilla all the time. And then I'm going to make some lemon cupcakes with the gazillion lemons I bought for that turkey I cooked a few weeks ago.

I have big plans in the cooking arena too, except not so much today because of the giant snowstorm. Seems you have to go to the grocery store to be martha stewart so I'm going to start with cooking all the stuff in my freezer. I have some recipes I'm dying to try though like a pinto bean and rice burrito which looks really easy and freezes well and a black bean and corn stew that's pretty much awesome. In the meantime I'll make room in my freezer by feeding Matt as much meat as possible every minute of the day because my fridge is full of moo. It's ridiculous actually. There were all these great sales around christmas, single servings of good cuts that no one wanted because they had an army to feed over the holidays and it seems like I bought them ALL. I have no memory of it, just a tear stained stack of receipts and a fridge that's lowing to be milked. (too far, that was too far right?)

Any doodle, I can't believe I set my fucking shirt on fire. I guess I should be glad I didn't burn my arm but I'm really just pissed that it was an expensive shirt. 2010 is one sin down and six more to go!

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Rebecca said...

i can totally envision you setting your shirt on fire and totally being cool about it.

did you ever decide if your trying WW? just curious. no pressure. =)

i'm ready for winter to be over.

i'm freezing and i refuse to heat my house over 65 degrees.