10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, January 15, 2010

"I'm running low on happy"

That title is bullshit because it is 23 degrees out that's officially the warmest temperature I've walked the dogs in since June, hand to god. Usually 23 is something you hope for mid-afternoon if you don't look at the gauge too clearly. We're getting ready to do our snowshoe thing and I don't have to wear 3 shirts, yay! And the weight watchers website gave me a smiley face for my 2.6 pound loss, who doesn't love a smiley face?

Except for the looming fear of finding and filling out all the paperwork for my taxes, things are going very well. I'm having a very good week. Two days in a row I haven't used all my points, I'm finally getting good at putting the right things together. I didn't use all of my weekly points and I didn't touch my activity points at all. I wonder what would happen if you really did eat every single point, they say you can still lose weight but I seriously wonder. Anyway, I suppose two weeks isn't the worst learning curve, impatience is probably the number one killer of diets in america. And lofty expectations. Alas, I'm keeping my expectations low. I just want to be where I was and stay there but if I keep getting to an actual "healthy" weight I won't complain. We'll see how I feel about it when the time comes eh? There's nothing worse you can do than start projecting how skinny you will be in x weeks. I just want to look better than the bride at this wedding I have to go to, is that too much to ask? I'd hate to be unreasonable about it.

I started a new thing with smoothies. I tried it a long time ago and I sucked at it, I made really terrible smoothies. However, today and yesterday I made really good ones and I'm thinking it's a keeper. It comes to 4.5 points and with a hearty mid-morning snack it's a very good breakfast, especially in a hurry. I am spending more on groceries than I used to but hopefully that will rectify itself soon. When I can figure out a plan for the week in advance and whittle down the necessary items I'm hoping it gets a little cheaper. I'm buying twice as much fruit and vegetables as I have in the past few months (that was getting really bad, I'm shocked Matt didn't die of scurvy) and it's just pricier. Ten boxes of mac n cheese would be cheaper, except for that cardiac arrest thing. It's all relative I guess.


Rebecca said...


although I am gonna say you should be eating at least all of your daily points!

i hear you...i'm trying to find ways to whittle down our food budget but its not possibly unless i stock up on the 10 for $10 sale of Rice A Roni, Chef Boyardee... you get the gist!

Amy said...

I don't think I've ever eaten all my points, my doggies eat probably 3 points of my total every day. It just seems silly to go looking for something when I'm not hungry, specially when other days it's the opposite. le sigh.

Fat Chick said...

What was in the smoothie? Gotta share! I'm always looking for new smoothie ideas.