10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"You can't fire me, I don't work in this van!"

Matt said it looked like we murdered someone and he was totally right, so I didn't take any pictures of tomato canning. We canned 20 pounds of tomatoes last night and it was very, very red. I spent all day washing and scrubbing tomato guts because we just couldn't face it last night. The cutting board is permanently pink and the stove has never been this clean so it's not all bad news. I don't remember canning tomatoes being that messy but maybe that's because my mom's kitchen is so much bigger. I ran out of bowls and counter space long before we started filling jars. I wanted to can some of the mint syrup I've been making too but the jars are all so ugly. Is that terribly vain? I was going to use them as christmas presents but it's the sort of thing that needs a lovely bottle and not a sad half full mason jar. I might have to keep looking for bottles because I have six more bundles of mint to use and no better way to preserve it. That stuff grows like a weed, a beautiful smelly weed.

My sister (Hi Em!) requested my blog address this morning and now I feel pressure to be interesting. She already knows exactly how dull my life is so there's no reason to stress, I'm sure the expectations for excitement are low. I always wonder how people cope with blogging when they know their loved ones are reading. Rebecca's mom reads her regularly and they have such adorable chats. My sister is a teacher so mostly I expect a treatise on my grammar. We'll have to set you up an account so you can comment on my spelling in real time!

A long while back I stopped running, one to keep the dog off the road and two to keep my knees from killing me slowly. I never thought I'd miss running, I only took it up because it was the fastest way to burn the most calories, but it turns out I really do miss it. I had a very short jog, considering where I left off, but it gave me such a great start to the day. We walk every morning but it's just not the same. This morning was cool and perfect and I ran about 25 minutes of our 30 minute "walk", it feels so good to come home hot and sweaty and accomplished. When I don't run I forget how good it feels and when I don't do pilates I remember how BAD it feels. I have to keep it all up to feel great, I just wish I could remember.


Rebecca said...

ugh...the remembering...

i'd say its a sign of old age but no, it's not.

it's like building up how great a burger is going to taste and then you finally have it and its like...10 year old cow with lots of preservatives but youll get the same hankering 2 months down the road.

Amy said...

a ten year old cow with preservatives, that's an image!