10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, September 28, 2009

"Shhhh... you had me at balls."

We've run into some difficulties with our hour long walks, mostly that they always seem to end in 45 minutes...so we're playing catch for 15. You think Cesar would approve? In other news my legs are amazing from all this walking. Muscles hard as rocks! Roar! Dogs are gifts that keep on giving. We are picking up baby woof on saturday and is it weird that they demand cash and we're meeting in a parking lot? I'm sure it's fine, the lady passes google, but if I end up on an episode of cold case files and all they have are fat pictures it's going to suck. But anyway, yeah, puppy. According to the woof whisperer you're not supposed to show any affection when you meet, you have to let her come to you and sniff you and see your calm assertive leadership energy. I might need a medically induced coma for that. Who can not react to a puppy? serial killers that's who. This is going to be a very intense cold case files.

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