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Friday, September 18, 2009

naturalist fail

When I used to run on the road sometimes I would see a car pull to the side and I'd pick up a rock just incase I had to hit a troublesome motorist over and over. Now apparently I have to carry rocks everywhere I go, or a gun, or get a donkey. Last night coyotes surrounded our house, just out of sight, and yipped at knox. Actually only one of them yipped, they prey on their shared canine instincts to investigate sounds and they were trying to lure him in. Fuckers.

Knox was freaking out and it took us a few minutes to hear the noise outside and realize why he was so upset. That happens a lot, he'll hear something and run to the door barking or bark at the woods when we're outside. At first we had assumed it could be anything but now we know he doesn't bark at squirrels and birds, he barks at bear smell and coyotes. Matt pointed out that they can hear just as well as he can and they know that we know that they know he's here. It was genuinely terrifying. I thought smelling bear track would be the worst thing to worry about but bears are afraid of people and coyotes aren't.

Apparently it's a big deal in LA and a lot of people are losing pets to coyotes, Ozzy and Jessica Simpson and I just watched a video of a terrier chasing off a coyote in a suburban backyard. Terriers kick some ass apparently. I suppose dealing with coyotes around so many people would be worse, here it's sort of expected. Animals will exist and we'll have to deal with them, I just don't like feeling singled out and hunted like that. I really, really didn't like it.

Sometimes when we're walking up back he'll get nervous and bark and I'll get nervous and start jogging, you feel like someone is watching you. After enough coyote/dog research I've learned that yes, they are watching us. They know our smell, our walking patterns and what times we're likely to be out. I'm worried about the dog and the chickens and the new puppy that isn't even here yet. I want to get a pit bull, and a llama and a donkey. Apparently coyotes hate donkeys and llamas, I don't know about pit bulls I just think I'd feel safer with a dog that didn't run away from bunny rabbits. Coyotes aren't supposed to prey on dogs as big as Knox, I'm afraid they can tell from his marking that he's a softie fur and that's why they're coming to the freaking house. In the meantime Matt has his gun and I'm gonna get an airhorn...and a donkey. The alternative is building a six foot plus undigable fence around 250 acres...I'm pretty sure a donkey is cheaper...or shooting all of them which seems harsher than the donkey and a bit futile since new ones will keep coming back. For now the poor dog will be on a leash ALL THE TIME. I have him on a leash now, tied to the couch while I type just incase coyotes know how to pick locks.


Rebecca said...

dude... thank you for making my friday morning!

seriously... i could see you with a llama a donkey and an airhorn!

damn your the coolest!

Amy said...

you cracked me up with that, I hadn't pictured them all together.