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Monday, July 06, 2009

What to pack for Blogher, slacker edition

I think a lot about packing. In my head I'm really good at putting things in bags and taking them places and arriving at the place with all the right things. I make a lot of lists and I visualize the packing and then the day comes and I find myself in Montreal with only the flip flops I rode in on. That being the case I started packing for Blogher today, almost two whole weeks early, in the hopes of arriving in Chicago with comfortable shoes and enough underwear and a toothbrush.

I'm limiting myself to a purse and one carry on so it's imperative that I don't pack two hundred t-shirts and leave out my phone charger. The bulk of my luggage is going to be things like sunscreen and notebooks and hair care products so the clothes are going to have to earn their place in my bag. I pulled out all of my favorite things today, all the clothes that put a spring in my step when I wear them. I want things that can do double duty and things I can layer because the air-conditioning is going to be freezing. I removed all the sports wear immediately because this is definitely not a trip for exercising, why even bother with the pretense. I took out everything that doesn't fit perfectly right now and everything that isn't completely comfortable, and everything that isn't looking as good as it should be because you don't meet your new bff's with stains on your shirt.

The things that were left out on the bed had a lot of things in common, so it looks like I'm definitely bringing a black and a white t-shirt, this scarf, trouser jeans, one or two colorful tank tops, a cardigan, and one new t-shirt from Martin & Osa that makes me want to drool. I'm going to use jewelry and shoes to bridge the day to evening gap, and of course make-up, but otherwise I'm bringing as little as possible.

I tried really hard not to buy anything for this trip because it's expensive enough without remaking one's wardrobe. There are some things I just didn't have, like a suitcase, which I had to purchase. I also bought some travel things like little bottles and some of those bags that squash all your clothes into pancakes. It would be really easy to buy all new things and be some new person for three days but what in the world would be the point. Too easy.


Rebecca said...


so my trip to Germany...i believe I packed like 10 pairs of shoes and only ended up wearing 2 PAIR!

yup...it never ends...EVER!

i cant believe the countdown is on!!!

MayQueen said...

Re: stains on shirts:
Don't pack anything from J.Crew :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I'm linking you now cause I love your posts. I look forward to reading more in the future!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I guess I should tell you that my site address is http://www.couchspud.net, lol.