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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"fire bad, tree pretty"

I've bad a pretty good few days at work so I'm feeling positive about that, we had a rough patch and how hopefully things are improving. I'm planning another ten mile walk for puppy and I and I'm looking forward to it. Last week my planning sucked but the walk was awesome so we're going to do it again but with extra water and food and the seven maps I bought. I'm also going to pick up a pocket knife and a bulb for my flashlight and I downloaded a compass application for my iphone. The part of me that's lived here for years thinks this is ridiculous preparation for a park on the island with so many people and so many roads to civilization but it's good for the sanity. And the walking is good for the legs, I feel like an american gladiator but sadly only from the waist down. Shame you can't hike with your arms.

I'm enjoying hiking more than I ever thought. I wish I'd started years ago but sheesh if wishes were horses a love of hiking would be somewhere in the middle of my, uhm, herd. Whatever. I'm hiking now and I'm liking it. I have a small goal to hike Cadillac before the summer is over. It's supposed to be an easy climb but high, apparently the highest peak on the east coast north of Rio. I'm starting with the carriage roads and I have almost all of the easy trails done and then I'll move to the more difficult ones. Fortunately there's enough information on these trails to fill a town full of books. I'm hoping to get Matt hiking with us, he's another one who has lived here a while and doesn't know jack about the trails. We're going to be a family of hikers if it kills me.

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