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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"What, is it illegal to take a heart to the mall?"

Sometimes when I type my titles I find myself thinking about the woman at blogher who reads all these posts and chooses headlines for the ad content, and I weep for her struggles. And then I think probably she thinks I'm crazy and then I weep for me because that is a common problem I have, people thinking I'm crazy. I was pretty much deranged yesterday when I bought my fourth new pair of shoes in two weeks. It sounds awesome in a Bridgette Jones way to do so much shopping but actually I made a super huge mistake yesterday and that's why I needed the shoes.

I took my puppy for a walk and a bad thing happened. I was determined to get some quality acadia time in this summer so I thought "why wait?" and I loaded him up and we went to Jordan Pond since I know it now and I know how long it takes to walk. I called my client at the usual time only she didn't feel like doing much today and put me off for a few hours. "Hey, Yay!" I thought, I will walk my puppy all the way around this 5 mile pond in street shoes with a wedge heel! What an awesome friggin' idea! It turns out that those shoes might have been ok for a few miles of the east bank (but then maybe not, this is my logic we're talking about) but they suck for the north shore which is big ass rocks. The problems didn't become apparent until I was almost back at the lot and I didn't know how bad they were until I brought the puppy to daddy daycare.

Would you like to hear what I did to my feet? It's pretty awesome. It's going to be even awesomer and also gross. I have a perfect set of matching quarter size blisters underneath each big toe. There are others but I think there is something poetic about the symmetry of those two. The romeo and juiet of blisters. Even Matt was impressed, impressed enough to encourage me to go buy some flip flops for the afternoon walk I had scheduled to take with my client. The flip flops are pretty awesome, I can feel how they balance my pronation problem but that's totally not the point of this post. The point is, christ...what was I thinking? My list for necessary items for time in the park is now longer than I am tall and also I'm supposed to visit my family this weekend with my giant bulbous blistered hobbit feet. I think I'll just lay on the carpet and moan, that'll be quality time with the fam.


pinky pinkerson said...

your posts are high quality, but very often when I click on the blogher ads I am disappointed. I guess there is such a volume of blogs that you need to sift through so many to find a point of view that resonates.

I just like funny and clever :-)

Amy said...

I don't really fit in with my crowd, as it were. c'est la vie I suppose. and also I sent you a card but apparently postage went up and I can't remember how I stamped it...so...I don't know I just thought I'd warn you incase weirdness ensues.

pinky pinkerson said...

I will consider myself warned :-)

Amy said...

I got that comment in an email and I'm like "geez, threatening the readers again!?" and then I remembered. sheesh.