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Friday, May 08, 2009

"fritos have a calming effect on a woman"

Dudes, I seriously wish I was being candid camera'd today at the grocery store. That was the most luscious and green cart of food I've ever pushed around the store. Must be something about summer busting out all over here today. My car smelled delicious too because I stopped at the nursery and picked up a basil plant and tomatoes and green peppers. Did I mention that Matt had started about a zillion seedlings in March? Well he did and they're almost all dead now. If this were the Oregon Trail we'd be moments from our pixellated deaths. As it is we have the money to buy pre-grown seedlings so that's what we did. It was pretty awesome as far as shopping goes, I almost ended up with an entire car full of perennials. I didn't know I craved flowers so much...I guess all this pine is finally getting to me.

My big winter project was to fill up the freezer and now I'm working on emptying it. Summer is for fresh food after all. Frankly I'm sort of tired of the stockpile. I don't forget a lot of things but I just found some pasta wheels that I could swear I never bought. Also, white chocolate chips...what the hell did I buy them for...I CAN'T REMEMBER and I can't think what I had intended to do with them. I found a cake recipe to use them with but I really don't need a cake. Life is tricky.

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