10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Birds do not get you."

I'm reading my chicken book for the third time and I'm still not sure what exactly I need to buy for their arrival. It's so terribly capitalist of me to want to buy their health and happiness, chickens have been around a long time...it's not like they need TiVo. Whatever, I'm nervous about their little lives hanging in the balance of my decisions. And I have to remember to check their little butts occasionally, I might have to set that task to music...must choose feathery booty call song. They're not coming until the middle of June so I have lots of time to worry about it. sigh.

In other news, last week I bought some chips ahoy and now they're all gone. Must've been aliens. I swear. I have no memory of eating them. Aliens or zombies. If I were a zombie I'd totally eat cookies instead of brains. I'd be on the committee for alternative zombie lifestyles and I would fight for my cookie rights. Speaking of which, Maine passed it's pro-same sex marriage law last week. YAY! What's that like, 46 states to go? The modern civil war.

I'm off to work, it's a hiking day and I'm trying to decide which shoes to wear. Don't worry, I'm packing extras. Just not sure which ones. It's freezing today so probably no flip flops, shame. I'll probably take everything but the kitchen sink, I'm tired of getting outdressed every week. Young people are so sensitive!


Rebecca said...

shut up!

my PT trainer just mentioned he was picking up his chickens today...

what are the odds i know two peeps who are getting chickens!?

V. said...

Some advice, would be to make sure they (chickens, not zombies)have room or else they start pecking at each other and start to look like they got some nut job of a wax.

I think chickens worry about their appearances too! :)

Lisa said...

My best advice is to always wash your hands after touching them. Hubby salmonella'd himself not once but twice when ours were babies! They're pretty hardy, though. Mine did go on strike for Tivo, though. They're princesses like that.