10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, April 24, 2009

"You were there, I remember you being there."

Puppy ate my wrinkle cream. I guess he's trying to hold on to his first blush of youth. I was using a sample packet I got with something else I don't even remember buying. I'm using it to try and fix a divot in my face. I'm assuming it was an acne, uhm, hole but it's starting to really look like a big ass wrinkle. You can't tell by the blog because of all the words but I make faces a lot. I'm a face maker. I do it all the time and I just can't stop. Mayqueen could tell you all about the faces I made when I got my tattoos but it's not just needles and ink that make me facey. I do it when I'm all alone, with friends, with the dog and definitely on the phone. I think my face muscles are independent of my nervous system, no other explanation. Anyway, I'm trying to prevent wearing my silly face for the rest of my life with cream, expensive ass cream. Ahem, expensive face cream...for posterity.

Regarding the news of other sample packets I have used lately, John Freida curly shampoo. It was very much like Shirley Temple with her finger in an electrical socket. I kind of loved it. Sample packets rule. I got a tiny tube of spf 90 with my much more moderate spf 70 sunscreen purchase. 90 is serious spfing. I expect wearing it will be like alaska when the sun doesn't come out for three months. Can't wait! I couldn't find a less spfy spf, not that I need one, it seemed like all they had was super human spfs. A hundred years ago I read that nothing more than 50 was effective but it seems like the people who make it didn't read that article. I'm expecting spf seven trillion next summer, maybe I should patent it.


Sugarcrook said...

I think you're looking for SPF Flannel

Amy said...

Better than spf mullet I suppose.