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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"You failed extremely well."

Remember that girl who passed out in my office at my last job? And when I had to explain to my boss in vivid detail how I knew she was unconscious. Today my client passed out on me in her apartment. Actually, she had a seizure. A tiny little seizure she apparently gets every once in a while. And when I called the authorities that be they said "oh, that happens some times...don't worry about it". Imagine that? Instead of an afternoon full of lecture and insanity, they actually trusted me to do the right thing. Can you imagine? It's really very lovely.

As an extra point of goodness that is my work, I got three walks today. Of course one of them included shepherding two old people with walking sticks on a trail that was mostly washed out which none of us has ever walked before while being completely abandoned by the walk leaders. It was great! Getting lost in the woods with old people is a slice of heaven for the eldercare worker. I'm a little upset about it actually, the whole point of walking with a group is for the the camaraderie and the safety and to have the entire group frickin' leave before everyone gets back seems to be pretty unsafe to me. But maybe I'm sensitive. What do y'all think?

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