10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Not bad for a dazzle dancer!"

I've started off today in a very bad no good way. You know that scene in legally blonde where she solves the murder with the rules of haircare? I just tried to dye my hair when I have a haircut this afternoon. If someone dies today my alibi is shot. Puppy and I have a big day today so it would be good if I wasn't arrested. I've been waiting more than a month to get the haircut and and I have a slew of other things to do. We're canning the maple syrup harvest tonight so I really have to get the kitchen in order. We're going to need every inch of counter and since it's going to be sticky sticky, there's a reason they cook it outdoors, so it's in my best interest to move everything elsewhere. I've canned a few things but I've never canned maple syrup so it ought to be interesting.

I have placed tracy in the dvd player and I can't put anything else in until it's complete. I got the warm up and the first leg section done yesterday but I'm forcing myself to start over today. It wouldn't really be in my interest to skip the warm up anyway. I have to admit that my muscles are still burning with basic everyday movements. She's not wrong about using muscles that you don't normally use. However, I can't say my weight or waist have changed any. I think my new work environment has had a big effect on that because we've done a lot of eating out these last weeks. So, I'm buying myself a food thermos. I really need to be eating my own food for all kinds of reasons and I think the thermos will help. That way I can whip out a warm lunch and she won't feel a need to order food for me and I won't be eating restaurant food so often. Money, calories, lots of good reasons to pack a lunch that I don't need to heat. I'm crossing my fingers it works as well as I think it will.


Ann Marie said...

Packing a lunch is a great way to save money and control what you eat. But make sure the food you pack is something you WANT to eat. I found that when just grabbed what I was supposed to eat and didn't put any effort in the flavor, I ended up eating out anyway. Then I was spending twice as much money on food! Good luck!!!

CHERRYonTOP said...

where did you get that phrase -- not bad for a dazzle dancer???

Amy said...

Oh yeah, I don't even buy food I'm not sure of just in case, not with my budget anyway.

It's from the movie "Adam and Steve" which is hilarious and full of kickass one liners. I highly recommend it.