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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

not possible

I just added my day's food and walks into sparkpeople and according to them I should be dead. Or at least skinny. Knox and I burn almost 900 calories a day on our walks and since I don't sit around all day and eat donuts (did anyone else notice that AskMen recycled that article?) I should be so much skinnier. I had been doing pretty well entering things before I started my temp job and either I'm a sleep eater or they're wack. Or is it whack! I'm trying to enter everything very carefully but I'm not finding comfort in the data. I was happy for about ten minutes after they told me one walk burns 450 calories but we've been taking those walks since he came home with us and I haven't lost any considerable amount of weight.

I'm taking a harder look at what I eat and how I prepare foods. The soup thing is awesome, I know I'm getting more vegetables and protein but also sodium...I tried really hard to not add salt but soup sucks with no salt, there's no amount of bouquet garni that will cover the absence of salt. So I think that's a problem, more salt and definitely less water (also a problem) and I guess I'm just not paying as much attention as I thought I was.

I've been thinking about the super skinny lady from the temp job I mentioned a while back. We talked for a while on my last day. She has undiagnosed celiac disease and recently started drinking these smoothies for breakfast. Frozen bananas, yogurt, other berries maybe peanut butter for protein. It sounds so simple and easy, another of those prep on the weekend and it's nothing to scoop and mix during the week things. I technically have time to make whatever I want for breakfast most days so the time saving component isn't a big deal for me but it just sounds yummy and easy. Protein and fruit and calcium, I'm really interested in trying it so I'm going to work the right things into next week's grocery budget. And also I ordered the Tracy Anderson dvd. I"ll report back soon!


The Fat Foreigner said...

I don't tend to trust the calorie calculators on food log websites, I find they tend to overestimate the number of calories burned?

Amy said...

Yes, it does seem to be insane. I have to pay better attention.

Sugarcrook said...

I use a treadmill at the gym. For my weight and age it tells me I burn 360 calories on a two mile run. To burn 450 miles during a walk seems optimistic unless you're walking to Montreal.

Amy said...

I call it a walk but it's actually a hike, we can't walk on the road so we have to up the mountain. Even if we did walk on the road it would be uphill/downhill/uphill but it still doesn't seem like it should be that much based on how I haven't lost any weight at all.

The Merry said...

Yes! I had the same problem with SparkPeople's intake/output calculations. One weekend I had a calorie deficit of 1000 calories (from very long exercise sessions, not from calorie restriction) and I gained two pounds. Someone suggested that it might be due to water retention caused by inflammation in the muscles.

Then again, it could just be a plot by SparkPeople to drive you crazy. One must consider all possibilities ;)