10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Likes long walks in the park, sheep.

I have been mia because I have spent every breathing moment the last few days on petfinder.com. We're dog shopping. Well, I'm dog shopping and Matt is saying "oh, he's cute" when prompted. Matt was planning to get me a puppy for my birthday but it didn't work out, so he got me the first season of the wire instead. Fair. We've been looking since my birthday when we had the revelation that this is a great time to get a dog, when I have unlimited time to work with him or her. There is a puppy I am going to visit today at the humane society and there is a dog in tennessee I have inquired about. His name is Sarge and I love his soft eyes and the fact that he is eating a sheep in the picture. He's one of the underground fur road pets that are moved up north from southern kill shelters. The stories will kill you with their sadness, if you don't want to end up with 15 dogs don't read their bios...it's like a movie of the week in your living room.

I'm very excited about the new member of our fur family. It'll be nice to have a non-judgemental jogging partner. I'm considering him/her our newest piece of exercise equipment. If you don't use your treadmill it won't pee all over your floor. Is that positive or negative reinforcement of the humans? Anyway, I'm really looking forward to having a furry buddy. Meow just won't jog with me, won't even wake up from her nap when I ask her...lazy.

"Get a dog" was actually on a list of things to improve your health in the new year I saw some where, which I feel really conflicted about. It's great to have and love a dog but it's not like picking up a case of slim fast. Having a dog is great for your overall health for all kinds of reasons but it's not a quick fix or for people who don't have the right life style. I think linking pet ownership with the short lived new years dieting and health frenzy is despicable. More dogs with half-hearted owners who mistreat them and dump them 6 months later. Aaargh to that.


MayQueen said...

Oh, a puppy! We'll need pictures, pictures, and more pictures. That's actually one of the reasons, among many, that I want a dog. I'll be lazy and not feel good about it forever, but I won't change my behavior. However, the guilt of keeping an animal stuck indoors will probably propel me outside in the deepest freeze.

Adopting1Soon said...

Thanks o much for adopting one of those "underrond railroad" dogs! I actully participate in those dog runs a few times a year (I'd do more but a lot of time they aren't coming through my area). I am in the south though and do see a lot of travel lists in my email box. Thanks for doing this. A rescued dog is the most loyal. And if here are any behavioral problems, I have found there is also a solution so give him time to settle in and teach him what you expect. He will try and please you. Oh, and doggie obediance is a great way to handle all types of behavior problems even if they are not related to how well he "sits" or "lies down"! Also it's a great bonding tool. Good luck!