10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Don't worry. I made bail."

Today I applied for a job, i ordered a pair of expensive boots to keep my paws dry when I take the pup out for tuckeration, I made some red velvet cupcakes and I weighed in at my previous low weight (thank christ). I didn't tucker the pup enough though because he's finally paying back the kitty for all her hissing his first day home...he will not stop barking at her. Without provocation even, so rude. We seem to have gotten the chewing under control. All of my favorite things are covered in towels because he seems to like that nasty spray. It looks crazy in here. I'm moving all the books and things I can't hide or cover and soon we'll be stuck with a spoon and two magnets on the fridge. What can you do.

Clearly I need to keep him outside for longer, which will be good for both of us...thus the boots. I went with a pair of sorel's, what do you think? I'm hoping they're as waterproof as they say because I've soaked through my plain old leather boots every day this week. I looked at Bogs too, which are definitely waterproof but stylin' in a different way and a few of the reviews said they're too warm over 40 degrees. I wanted something waterproof to go from winter snow to spring mud but I might just pick up some of those cheapie plastic rainboots for the spring. Something you can ride hard and put away wet, because they're so damn cheap you just don't care. Footwear opinions desperately sought.

Nothing is really new in this new year. I don't feel any different knowing it's 2009. I'm trying to get an action plan together with some goals and all that and I need to work harder on it. Cooking and cleaning takes a lot of time but I don't think my house is any cleaner or the food any better than when I had a job so what the fark am I doing with my extra hours? I hate the feeling that time is being wasted away, hours and days and weeks of my life with nothing to show for it. Today, in addition to my list above, I made several important phone calls about paperwork things that need to be settled. Accounts I need to close and meetings I need to set up. Matt found me a master gardener's class to take this winter and he's been asking me every day did I call. I finally remembered and they're sending me an application. I still feel sort of in a holding pattern because a lot of these things don't start until spring, particularly the gardening.

Gardening isn't something that comes naturally to me, not really, but it's one of the things we're going to do to offset my joblessness. One, we can grow a lot of our own food and that will save money and be yummy, and two if there's enough excess of the right quality we'll join the farmer's market and sell it. We've ordered about twenty new trees for the orchard too but that's sort of a long term plan. We'll be planting cherries and pears, peaches and some black walnuts too. There's something else but I just don't remember. I'd like to add some blueberries...indestructable bastards that they are...but I'm not sure where I want them and they can be difficult to relocate. You leave a snip of root in the earth and you'll have a full crop next year...tasty though.


Big Girl said...

Have fun in the garden. It'll be super nice to have home grown goodie to eat. You might also try and find neighbors and friends that have gardens so you can swap food and have a even bigger variety to choose from without having to pay for it

Sugarcrook said...

How are you going to keep the animals out of your plot? I've been told that growing garlic will keep deer away but I don't know how accurate that is.

Rebecca said...

hey...i can totally relate to living on hold.

it's a bitch but sometimes we just have to get through it. it'll be spring before we even know it!

Amy said...

We're looking forward to fresh veggies, shame we don't have any neighbors.

Matt is going to build a big ass electric fence but if the bears want something we're probably screwed. When I first read that I thought you were accusing me of writing too much about my pets, which would be fair, but alas no.

It will be spring before I know it and he'll be a big ass dog before I know it. He's actually been excellent for my diet, I don't think about snacks at all during the day, I hardly even remember lunch. Yay for the puppy diet.

Sugarcrook said...

Oh, forgot to mention: I always thought the climate there might be good for growing wasabi.

You could probably provide it to restaurants in the summer, which would be cool.

teresa said...

I have a pair of heavy duty Sorels and I love mine. They are totally waterproof and warm on cold, snowy days. And mine seem to have had very little wear in relation to how many times I've worn them. So, I would say: good purchase.

~ teresa