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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Calm, assertive, terrified he's going to choke himself

When we brought puppy home we were so unprepared we had to stop at walmart for puppy supplies with the new puppy drooling and freaked and waiting in the car. If you think you're going to visit an adorable puppy and not come home with that puppy, you are crazy. So for heaven's sake do yourself a favor and ask the breeder what kind of food they're eating before hand...you can always take it back. We were unprepared in other ways too so I ordered the first season of the dog whisperer on netflix and we waited to be enlightened. I got the first disc and there were a lot of episodes and pretty much they're all the same. Not that I wasn't touched by that snarling chihuahua in the first story...the one with the inexplicably large dog penis...that was very touching. They're all touching but pretty much the same, be calm and assertive and lead the pack and teach with the neck strap thing.

We're only having a few problems, pretty much barking at the kitty which causes hissing from the kitty and then more barking. I'm anxious to get this problem solved before he's big enough to get at all her high ground safe spots and also so she can have a normal life again...sort of. Since he's still a baby I had hoped we could correct the behavior with distraction and word commands. The word commands have actually started to work, but only after the problem occurs and really I'd like it to not happen at all. He's already doubled in size and yesterday he jumped at her when she was in my arms...so today we're trying out the leash thing.

I turned his leash around and he's wearing it above his collar. We have still had some barking but it's really been much better than the other mornings. We had morning treats almost right next to each other and there was no fighting. The peanut gallery has been telling Matt that she has to assert her dominance and blah blah and it's not that I think they're wrong but she's a quarter of his size now and he needs to learn to ignore her before it's a huge problem and not just annoying. When he learns to ignore her properly then I'll pull out the spray bottle and teach her about hissing at the puppy. I have seen them peaceful together enough times to believe that it's possible for them to co-exist with the right boundaries. But seriously, I'm not watching any more dog whisperer, can't take anymore...


The Merry said...

Have you checked out the Monks of New Skete? (The Art of Raising a Puppy.)

Just a thought.

Hey, whatever happened to the interview-with-a-nun? (Sounds like Anne Rice's follow-up to Interview with a Vampire.)

Amy said...

I got a letter from the nun...she's keeping me in mind for a future position...

I just read a jon katz book that mentioned the monks, I'll have to check out the library.