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Thursday, December 18, 2008

fabric junkie

Today I had wheels of my own for the first time in two weeks. It was awesome. I went to the fabric store and super walmart and to bed bath and beyond to use up a giftcard from last christmas before I get yet another one next week. I went crazy with my five dollars and bought myself a chop and scoop cutting board, not to be confused with the chop and scoop chopper (FYI). It was surprisingly hard to choose a five dollar something just for fun, I mean as much fun as you can get out of a cutting board. I almost bought a set of little steel prep bowls for 4 dollars but then I'd have to find a one dollar item and it just seemed too hard. I didn't have any trouble spending at the fabric store though, damn it's expensive to be a crafty house wife.

It was a harrowing experience too. Apparently no matter how long you stand in line at the cutting station if you don't have an actual number from the broken number machine they will not serve you. Harsh. A nice lady in the check out line gave me some coupons though so yay. My fifty dollars of fabric should have cost me tons and tons more apparently. I guess I need some more fabric store experience to up my thread cred. Hehehe. For the record I am done with pot holders and on to one more quilt and some Mac book cozies and some napkins. I'm taking a lot of pleasure in thinking up kitchen gifts for the girlfriend who doesn't cook. I'm a mean, mean girl.

In relevant news, I've lost two pounds this week. I was debating the south beach thing but it seems cruel and unusual to start the week before christmas so I'm just skirting the beach. I'm in the parking lot, if you will. Every day I can run I'm running and tonight I'm setting my bike up on it's indoor training thingy. Matt keeps saying he's going to do it for me but I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself. I should just ask him to do it because of the two of us he's the one who gets things done. Although, I am impressing his socks off with all my christmas sewing. He keeps saying he wishes he could put some stitches in himself but it's not really his forte. He can do his part by setting up my bike and keeping me out of friggin' JoAnn's. I can't go in there alone again, at least not until I get a job.

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