10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Don't you get on that escalator! And don't you dare get on that subsequent escalator!"

Thinking that a bag of potato chips will make my stomach feel better is just one of the reasons why it's a blessing that I never became a doctor. That and the fainting. My stomach has been killing me all the time lately. Which is obviously the stressy mcstressedness but our florist made the suggestion that I must be pregnant and I hit her, it was pure instinct because I am twelve. Actually, when I was twelve my instinct would have been to pass out on hearing such news (which I totally did on human birth day in life science class and hit my head on a cabinet). Deep down I'm full of antiquated feminine virtue.

So, I feel like crap but it's totally helping my weightloss when I refrain from eating medicinal lay's. Go me. Things are crazy at work with the are we closing and when and will it be forever. I'm brushing up my unemployment knowledge because I'm supposed to be the expert only I have no information. I've gotten used to being left out of the loop and it hardly bothers me anymore. This morning my boss' wife, who is very, very weird, went all crazy hiding a computer screen from me. Which would make more sense if I didn't have complete access to that computer and far more knowledge than her about how technology works. Exhibit A: don't leave your email on screen and logged in when you leave for the day, not to mention the computer left on for no reason, if you want privacy.

It's now saturday and my venezuelan boyfriend called three times while I was out running. When I called him back he said "oh, were you sleeping?" "no, i was running" "oh...running?". I'm too fat to exercise, again. These guys are killing me.

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