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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tastes like George Washington

Holly, bless her, got my name off the 45 dollar wedding make-up list. So of course I just spent 30 bucks on Rimmel at Target. Excellent. It wasn't all Rimmel, I'm rather partial to the Neutrogena products too. They're one of the few companies that has shades fair enough for me to wear, you know which one works...translucent. I've always joked that I'm so white I'm clear and look, proof. It is rather beautiful stuff. I feel 30 dollars more beautiful, I really do. I have to get my money's worth to make up for harassing a bride two months before her wedding. I'd hate to think I tortured her for nothing, that would be wrong.

In baking milestones, I made my first trifle today. It was terribly american but very tasty according to the South African parents of one of Matt's co-workers. Brownies and jello pudding and cool whip, yep...I'd have to agree with the american bit. I tried to make the world's best brownies but like a damn fool who doesn't learn I didn't use the only cupcake liners that work with those brownies...in my eternal optimism I buttered the cups and you know what...THAT DOESN'T WORK. So, the brownies looked like crap and lo they became the base of a trifle. Dessert ingenuity if I don't say so myself. Matt saved a few to make ice cream sundaes with. I sort of love it when he's selfish with my baking. If I did run a bakery out of the house I'd have to change the locks, he might not let me sell anything.

Speaking of South Africans and lifelong dreams and such, some cutie in Australia tagged me for a meme. An eight things to do before you die meme. Which I thought was really cool, three days ago when I tried to write the post. Damn is it hard. I thought it would be difficult to narrow down to 8 but I'm finding it difficult to pick 8 things worthy enough to be on the list. Open a bakery. One. See my family's castle in Scotland, two. Design and plant a perfect landscape for the house when we build it, three. Land a job that's as good for me as I thought this one was, four. Read every single one of the books my dad hands down to me, five. Throw a party and have all of my friends stay at the new house, six. Take a road trip to California and back, seven. Learn to appreciate how lucky I am, eight. That was effing hard. I had no idea.

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Shauna said...

Ooooh hope you don't mind me being a nosy git and asking, where is your Scottish castle? I'll have to keep an eye out for it :)

Trifle with BROWNIES is a genius idea... mmm mmm :)