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Monday, July 07, 2008

It's not so much the heat as the stupidity

I bought a case of coke two weeks ago and it's already gone. I took the last one this morning. It's right now chillin' in the work fridge, waiting to tickle my throat with bubbles and sugar and whatever property it is that makes that shit remove rust from metal. I like to think that at least I do stupid things with the full knowledge that it's stupid, why I think that's better than denial I'm not sure. Honorable maybe, like I'm not stupid enough to think it's ok to drink a coke a day but stupid enough to do it anyway. I was reading this article yesterday and you know it is silly that we won't ban handguns but fast food is on the fed's shit list.

Food is food and some people buy "good" food and some people buy "bad" food and some people can't afford to buy the "right" food and some people can and choose to buy the "wrong" food anyway. So what. People do what they do and live with the consequences whether they want to or not. I'll never believe that it's the government's job to make us weigh less or be healthier. We have a right to be lard asses with guns and do stupid things, I don't believe that it's worse to be fat than it is to shoot people. I also don't think that speeding is so bad either, I mean, 15 miles an hour...that's nothing...not even a marathon. Not to dwell on it or anything...that's hardly like me at all...crazy talk.

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