10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

There's something really satisfying about pushing things through a wood chipper.

But it makes you tired as hell. Tired like there aren't words for. And also thirsty. And maybe a little bit whiny. I swear thought that I only just started whining, now that the work is done. It really was awesome exercise, god knows I wouldn't exercise all day if we didn't have a garden full of trees to deal with. Seriously though, next time we're burning that shit.

My guatemalans made me buy sneakers this weekend. They made me go to shaws, which is next to reny's, which is where I found two pairs of squishy running shoes which I didn't need to buy. I mean, I do kind of need new running shoes but I don't need two pairs and now the guatemalans think I'm a big spender. Actually, that was the mexican guy who made me show him my purchases and almost died after seeing the price. I almost killed my workers with shopping. You know you have a problem when...

I feel justified in having one new pair of running shoes because I've actually been running. Every day this week, and last week but not so much today because of the "oh my god" chipping. I'm quite proud of myself actually. I always feel like I'm not exercising enough, castrating myself for just running and not doing pilates and kickboxing and also I really need to vacuum. I'm deciding to be proud of all the things I do accomplish instead of loathing myself for all the things I don't do. So, YAY for running.

Right now I'm too tired to type. Everyone should have a chipper in their home gyms, and a forest.


MaryFran said...

I am so with you! My husband decided that we would get a chipper this year and make mulch instead of burning the trees. YEah, easy for him to say. I'm the one that shoves everything through the chipper! And you are right....it is a complete workout!

Mal said...


pinky pinkerson said...

double fargo.

I always thought that the idea of "exercise" was crazy, compared to how hard people had to work just to survive back in the old days. The idea of putting on special clothes and going to a special class to work out is nuts when you think of how much work people used to get you know...hoeing or something.

yesterday I took a short walk in my hilly neighborhood with my new "jogging" stroller. It is a "jogging" stroller because I don't jog, but it pushes beautifully. so beautifully that it comes with a wrist strap so it and your baby don't ROLL AWAY QUICKLY before you can catch it.

ps - the walk killed me. I have got to get in shape!