10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, June 06, 2008

"it smells funny"

That's actually the most accurate Buffy quote I've ever used for a title. Notice the blandness. Anyway, the other day I came home and there was a big ass t-bone sitting on top of the trash. Where oh where did that meat come from...I asked myself. I'm usually very into my meat purchases, especially ones with coupons on the packages and it was really weird that I forgot about a big ass t-bone. I left it in the trash because it looked pretty gross but it was a serious meat mystery. Matt came in a little while later and solved the mystery for me. Someone...the someone who buys the groceries...done left the steak in the potato bag and left the potato bag in the cupboard...for a week and a half. You know you're out of touch when you have gobs of flesh sitting around your house rotting and you don't even notice.

To point out the obvious, I've been really distracted lately. I'm working a lot and things are going well and my spanish is coming along nicely. The boys almost talk to me now since I brought them all my movies that have spanish surround sound and explosions. They put the Bourne Identity on immediately and then switched to harry potter, they're just so cute!


MaryFran said...

Don't feel bad about the meat. Just the other week I couldn't figure out what happened to the milk. I found it a few days later in a kitchen cabinet! GO figure!

pinky pinkerson said...

someone who shall remain nameless in my life left cucumbers in a backpack for quite a long while, and when she hopped in her car and tossed the bag, the *smack* of the backpack onto the passenger seat caused an explosion of rotten cucumber and a leakage of epic proportions through the backpack. When she told me the story (naturally she was having out of town guests that day, and was going to be driving them around) I almost cried from laughter. Oh and yes, it stank mightily.