10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

That's how we roll.

I haven't hit the scale in a very long time but I have been hitting the trail with a vengeance and all those 12's I bought for the job in february are starting to get loose again. Which is great, I wish I had some ridiculously low number to go with it but too big pants is great. I haven't been feeling super diety which is probably pretty good for the weight loss actually. I'm so busy at work that I hardly think about whatever I brought for lunch, it's just fuel to get the next project done. The walking and running really helps with the stress, I want to run all the time to get out and think and clear my head and it burns calories! Yay!

But anyway, size 11. I'm making that up but it makes me feel happy to think my sizes are dropping. It's the fantasy clothing size in my head that doesn't really exist. Really I still have some 12's that don't fit and some 10's that fit fine. The numbers are driving me crazy which is why I've decided to make them up, and so 11. Who needs reality anyway, totally over-rated. A person based in reality wouldn't buy an expensive ass cell-phone the same week she bought an expensive ass camera but god it's a wonderful week. Apparently I love stuff so much more than I thought, it's shameful. I'm ashamed of my love for these inanimate objects but OH SO HAPPY.


pinky pinkerson said...

Size 11 is real!

(but it is juniors, and unless you are in jr. high you probably couldn't find any non-Miley Cyrus clothes in that size)

It has always been weird to read the weight loss success stories of older women, and have the say they are now a "size 7." Where do they shop, Wet Seal?

Mal said...

Oh the shame of gadgetry. It hurts so good.

Rebecca M. said...

are you drinking that special juice your boss is giving you?!

stay away from that shiyat..it makes people act weird...=)

belly said...

yeah. that gay ass bumper sticker from the 80's rings true in my life, too: the person with the most toys wins.
gah. the 80's were so gauche.

Amy said...

I knew I would heart it out of the box, and I do, there in lies the problem...too late now!