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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The sweating makes me peckish

I kickboxed this morning. Can you say that? Is that the english? I'm having the difficulty with the language and the speaking lately. But I did exercise which I think earns me a gold star. I don't know if it was the getting up early or the exercising or just a case of the munchies but I was hungry all day. I also didn't drink enough water and that was bad and maybe that made me hungry too. I'm having a hard time drinking enough water at the new job because I am lazy and their water is gross.

The bank got bottled water because they thought the town water was fishy. Which is ironic because the bottled water comes from a source below the island dump. The town water was gross and the bottled water was gross but after five years I could drink it. The new job has bad tasting water that may or may not be poisonous. Technically, our house water has never been tested either...but if we're being slowly poisoned we haven't noticed and that has to be a plus, At least we're not suffering. Anyway, I have been bringing my own water in order to keep my intake up and be skinny and healthy and have a pony or whatever. It's a pain in the ass. I have a separate bag for my water bottles and then I have to wash them and bleach them and urgh, I'm too lazy to be hydrated. People should mate with camels, bestiality is highly underrated.

I got distracted there, my point was going to be about why am I so hungry the one day in weeks that I get off my ass and exercise? I've felt really good about my "diet" and habits lately. I love being busy during the day and not eating out of boredom. I love it, I'm in love with being busy. I need to be in love with exercising and being busy and not overeating but how do I know if I need the extra food or if I'm subconsciously giving myself permission to eat more because I know I exercised. I guess I need more than one day to make a scientific study about it. Guess I'll have to exercise tomorrow too, geez...

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