10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feigning fiscal responsibility

The super wonderful thing about this new job I have is the big fat paycheck, I got my first one last night. I went right to the bank where they didn't recognize me at all and that was a little weird. But then it wasn't actually the bank I worked in for five years. And tomorrow is conversion day! Actually, I guess it's today. The new bank is going to be weird. I remember someone posting ages ago about how their bank was holding their money and I said "hey, that's illegal blah blah blah bank speak". Turns out, there are two kinds of legal when it comes to making your money available and the bank gets to choose whether to screw you or not. My old bank chose not to screw and the new one screws, I guess it takes a village. If you have direct deposit there's nothing to worry about, if you deposit actual paper checks and or you know, cash, then they hold it. How they can legally hold cash I just have no idea but damn, no wonder they can afford to have masseuses at their main office.

SO, about the gobs of money. I bought myself a big fancy computer. The computer of my wet tech dreams and I've been too "ROAR!" to really play with it. I gave Matt a little tutorial last night. He didn't spend much time on the HP and will probably spend even less on the Mac, but it's fun to play. I set up hot corners and they're really messing him up, I take my happy where I can. Anyway, about the money. I bought an expensive computer and a slew of jeans. I bought some books and RAINBOWS and a router and dsl. I've been spending exactly the way I didn't want to.

I could have switched up my two pairs of jeans and worn them until they fell off, I decided not to. My wardrobe was at such a point, new job or not, it needed an overhaul. I could have gotten those books from the library and lived without RAINBOWS. I could have lived without the Mac and the dsl and the router too...for the sake of my bank account but then what exactly is the point of getting a better job? I don't need a fancy new car or a coach bag or even broadcast television, I just want a stable internet connection. I got it, and that's what I need to tell myself every time I want to shop for the hell of it.

Is it obvious that I'm prepping myself to go to Bangor? I need a computer bag and I have to do something about my waffle iron. We need groceries and I have to go to Target, the world headquarters of needless spending incorporated. I don't want to be one of those people who makes money on paper and has no idea where it all goes. I worked too hard lo these many years than to let that happen. I have made a very small adjustment to my standard of living, the dsl, and aside from extra travel I want to keep it that way. I just hope I can keep from getting carried away...


JoLynn Braley said...

Hi Athena,

Congratulations on your new job and your hefty paycheck, that's wonderful! :)

pinky pinkerson said...

first of all, a proper note is coming, but you have the most AWESOME taste in baby clothes. I may have to hang that lil' western coverall on the wall as art, because it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

secondly, Target has gotten more of our money since spawning. They have so much good stuff, in fact my favorite $3 clearance sleepers with friendly aliens on them are from Target.

thirdly, I am returning some items to babies' r us and will be using the proceeds to buy myself a diaper bag, cost no object. I have been using a free formula-branded plasticky one that they gave us from the hospital, which does not feel very stylish.

I am stupidly excited about getting a diaper bag by returning something else.

Amy said...

I'm so glad you liked it! My sister and I were shopping and usually the boy stuff is so boring and they had one left of those and it was tiny and I thought "I'm going to hate myself if I don't get this" so I did.

A stylish diaper bag is essential, you'll get your money out of it for sure. I'd be excited to return stuff too, I returned a shirt to target and I almost bought a new summer purse just because it was "free money". I"ll probably go back and buy that stupid purse today, I need a shopping monitor.

MayQueen said...

I went shopping with ye olde best friend at the Natick mall yesterday, expecting to blow some cash on a tea set, but the Chinese import shop there folded. So instead I came home with two shirts from Express, four ounces of tea from Teavana (lemon green and keemum imperial black) and eight pairs of underwear. American Eagle was having a sale, eight for $25. Oh, and we had crepes for lunch. I typed "creeps" there at first. We had creeps for lunch. That tickles me. Anyway, I think the splurge was a sympton of pms. Yeah, that's the ticket.