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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Zombie sex at Walmart

I just got back from a scary trip to Walmart. I hate going there but I couldn't justify the gas to go to my usual store for the two things I forgot to pick up yesterday. The two things I forgot turned into 80 dollars worth of stuff including soda and ice cream and also some rejuvenating night cream. All things I'm a sucker for and all in one convenient place. I got a movie too, Shaun of the Dead, which triggered the cashier to have a five minute conversation with me about zombies and the biological imperative to mate. It was fascinating actually, I've never had such an intellectual conversation at Walmart. Talking about the suspension of reality there of all places. Anyway, I'm trying to pretend I don't have Phish Food in the freezer, I didn't need to buy it and now I've buried it behind the actual frozen fish in the hopes that I don't eat it all by monday.

It was actually good that I got out even though I spent so much money because I've wasted most of the weekend willing the phone to ring. It will ring in the next couple of days, they want to move really fast on this new position and I just can't bear the wait. I'm cooking and doing laundry, reading a book and re-watching the Harry Potters and writing this. And still, not distracted enough. If only I could juggle and type and maybe sing showtunes...that might be enough to keep my mind off things.

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