10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Ah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

176. Which really, considering the Dove bar and those Doritos, how can I complain? It was stupid but I was sort of celebrating my relative defeat at work. I, err, went over my boss' head and secured myself fair pay until I find a new job. Which I feel like a pussy for, but, I can still go on interviews and build a savings account. And I still get to screw them, just I don't have to count our food into rations and wash clothes at the river in the meantime. So, I'm a pussy and I ate ice cream for dinner, this life change is going smashingly! I did manage another half hour on the stepper and my legs are killing me. That part is great. Sore is always great.

Where to take this post from here? We were just talking about the dread tv strike. Eventually, I have to hope here, people will stop watching reality tv and the advertisers will push the networks into submission. What I wonder though, when the populace is so frustrated with the lack of new television, will society get off it's collective ass? You know the theory that war breaks out during times of over population (and dumnbass presidents)? It makes me wonder if entertainment strikes don't happen at times of epidemic obesity? Like maybe when the Romans were overfilling their togas the lions and christians picketed for a living wage? And everyone got fit again by beating them into submission. As a historian I wonder about these things.

I get frustrated with myself thinking along these lines. I try to do things to protect the environment but then I think maybe it's supposed to happen this way. I think sometimes the human race has to learn things the hard way. Maybe the obesity epidemic (and yes, I'm a believer because it's stupid to say we're not fatter in greater numbers than we have been before) is supposed to happen exactly the way it is happening. A small piece of our evolutionary history. In the here and now I think I want to be smaller and stronger and healthier but I wonder how things will play out in the future. Will the overweight of the world flourish in the environments and challenges to come or die out like the dinosaurs? I wonder about these things, I just can't help it.


Rebecca said...

damn...i can tell you've changed your focus from one thing to another.

i agree with you..the lack of television out there should have us getting off our asses. although it just makes me seek out shows that i never watched and catch up to them on dvd.

i never thought i'd say this but now that i've joined a fancy gym that has to get paid like all my other bills, i feel i deserve something back from the government since i'm actively trying to combat this obese thing.

Amy said...

I have officially sent out 22 resumes and gotten one call, I'm freaking out.