10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jowls a quiver

Busy, busy today with lots to think about. One of my sisters called me yesterday about my other sisters' birthday. She's turning 40 and as you only do that once we thought we might do something special. So, if she's down with getting us for a birthday present, we're going to visit her. It should be interesting, I've never been to Prague and my sisters are always fun. Now I'm in a saving money for travel mood and it's badly timed as I really do need workclothes that don't look like crap. I feel very busy all of a sudden with all of these things on my mind.

But, it's a good day. David Bowie on the radio, Thai iced tea by my side, all is right with the world. It's still solid sugar but it's not a whole meal so it's progress. I'm casually searching for clothes online. It stinks. I think I need a personal shopper. I don't think I can be trusted to shop for myself. I always end up with one hundred black cardigans and since I'm not a 19th century school marm, well, you see my point. It's taken me all day to purchase one pair of pants and a shirt that cost more than I'd make in 4 hours of work. Odds on that one goes back when the desperation switches gears into "oh my god! that much for a shirt!". I should really take up sewing and maybe move to a small house near a prairie.


pinky pinkerson said...

I always end up with one hundred black cardigans


But they each have their own completely different personality :-)

Amy said...

and skirts, atleast I don't buy black skirts anymore.