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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I heart Target clearance

Matt has contracted the virus that time forgot. I keep thinking about the damn cold like it's been around since the dawn of time, harassing would be dieters and dinosaurs and the like. I'm picturing a pair of Pterodactyls flying over a Brontosaurus, and then the Brontosaurus sneezes and falls over dead and the Pterodactyls say to each other "he should have used those disinfectant wipes" and the other one says "yup" and then they fly away. Which is why I had to go to Target and get "Puffs Plus, the ones with the lotion" for my boyfriend. And it was just the best Target run ever. Everything I wanted was orange tagged and rang up at less. It was like fate that I be at Target today. It's so wonderful to be better, I scarce have words. Not only to go shopping and not need a nap but to be able to plug in some kickboxing and be able to do it.

I wasn't going to do kickboxing yet but I just felt like it and I figured if I got tired I'd just stop or take it easy or whatever. I didn't have to, it was great. I'm hoping to have a much better numbers week now that I can exercise for real. That'll add to my inspiration since clothes shopping really sucked today. I stopped at Old Navy to get some reallllly cheap tank tops for working out and tried on some painfully cheap pants that I couldn't buy because they did not fit, not even the twelves. I mean, they buttoned but they didn't look good. They looked like the pants that you try on that make you go on slim-fast, not the ones you love to wear after 2 years of weight watching.

That could be how I got through kickboxing, sheer post shopping desperation. Works for me. Next up Pilates after I've finished some house cleaning...just like a normal saturday before that Brontosaurus coughed on me.


The Fat Foreigner said...

I love target-esque shops, even though there are none here. I just look at the displays and want everythingto make my place look like that. Sadly (luckily?) there is no target here, but I have to pay off my credit card and focus on saving money after anyway, so maybe it's not such a bad thing.

HappyBlogChick said...

Oh Target, how I love thee ...

pinky pinkerson said...

Target has been good to me lately - although last night we stopped by to get two packs of tiny hangers (97 cents for ten) and ended up with fifty bucks in baby clothes.

We found the whale clothes display. Bastards!

Lauren said...

can I just say that as soon as I read the title, I went to target online. lol. Thankfully I didn't buy anything.

Rebecca said...

dude...did you get internet at home?

wow...look at you...;)

Amy said...

Pinky P: Whale babies, that is so cute. I can hardly bear it.

Lauren: I do bad enough when I have to drive an hour to get there, I try to pretend there isn't an online version to tempt me!

Rebecca: I totally did get internet at home, it sort of sucks but that's only because I haven't sorted out some fabulous expensive option yet. But I will because I really hate geting kicked off. We're practically victorians instead of pioneers.