10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I could have sewn the pants myself in this time" "That could be the next Project Runway...err...project"

I have been trying for the last two hours to buy some pants. Gap.com is a cesspool of inefficiency. I am trying to give them my shiny plastic money, why won't they just TAKE IT! The first time I hit order and the thinker started thinking it took so long that one of the things I ordered went out of stock. High waisted trousers in a twelve literally went out of stock whilst the hamsters in my computer ran on their wheel. No loss really, they were just cheap and I'd probably have returned them anyway but seriously if the tenuous fashion item I wanted went out of stock what hope do I have for the nice ones? The second time it timed out and I had to start over. Five minutes of thinky pixel thinking between entering the password and the coupon and the shipping code and I hit continue and it's been seven years and I know it's going to time out again and why does the gap want me naked??? Everytime they update it gets worse. There has to be something more useful for their web department to be doing, like pushing a rock up a hill. And while I'm at it, why do people put the pen on top of the check when they want me to cash it? I mean it, you know I have to pick up the check so WHY go to the trouble of putting the pen on the damn check just so I can pick it up and move it EVERY TIME? >Insert Cathy cartoon screaming here.<


The Fat Foreigner said...

'Gap.com is a cesspool of inefficiency'

This made m laugh so hard! I often have the same problem because I live in Japan but my bank account is still in England, so the combination of the two breaks website brains! I don't fit into anything here so I have to shop online, it makes life difficult.

Amy said...

My sister did the same thing when she was in Japan, lots of catalogue shopping. I don't know how insanely expensive it would be for you to call them but their phone online people are awesome. I might just call them from now on, it was SO much easier.

MayQueen said...

My question is why do you try to hand me the pen back when you got it from the giant pen cup right in front of you? I don't understand it. Why do you sign the paper as I'm telling you that you don't have to sign the paper? Why do you hand me the paper five seconds after I tell you that you need to hang onto the paper for the doctor? I have a lot of issues.