10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, December 31, 2007

"like the Russian Secret Police if they were really into shoes"

I can't believe I'm one of those women who owns a craft and wrap copyright of rubbermaid. And you know, it doesn't even fit 4 of the rolls of paper I bought because they're too long. I love wrapping, I really do, but I don't have of the room for that crap and yet it seems feeble beyond reckoning to return 4 dollars and 700 square feet of wrapping paper. Matt was very whatever makes you happy about it all. Which is great but sometimes I wish my wrapping paper buying habits gave him the same spriritual grief they give me. I wonder if he wonders what it would be like to live with someone less neurotic.

It might be because all I've consumed today is soda and half a lemon yogurt but everything around me is very irksome. The customers who walk in and say "beautiful sunny day huh?" when in fact it's snowing like a bastard and someone decided that since it's almost a holiday they don't have to plow the damn roads, they're irksome. The FBI agent on Big Love with the extra horrible Boston accent. She sounded like a sheep. Why didn't they just say she was from Philly? What are Polygamists to Boston? I don't get it and frankly it made me mad that the same producers who dazzled me with the care of detail to have westerners put whole lobsters in tupperware would have such a terrible fake ass Boston accent on their show. Passed irksome heading toward aargh. And also bits of my cellphone keep falling off. Which just isn't right.

Clearly I'm a cranky sick person who spent her whole weekend under a blanket with netflix. It's one of the many things that's not as satisfying in practice. I like being able to do the grocery shopping and cook nice food and, you know, get off the couch if I want to. I suppose the real beauty in watching tv all weekend is when you have the option to do something else and you choose not to. It's great that tomorrow is a holiday because I feel ripped off of my weekend and surely if I'm feeling better tomorrow and I have to scrub a toilet I'll be really pissed off about it. I can't be pleased. Good thing Matt brought me unsolicited Haagen Dasz or this whole New Years thing would be a bust.


pinky pinkerson said...

funny thing - I have found myself looking for those rubbermaid wrapping paper storage thingys multiple times, lately, and not finding them in Michael's or Target. I haven't looked that hard, though. The wrapping paper just lives on the floor in the back of a closet, but my inner self thinks it should be better contained.

I also need to find a place to put 1,000,000 hand me down white onesies. they are spilling out of drawers and multiplying at night.

MayQueen said...

Sorry you're sick. I hope you didn't catch anything from a certain someone who was coughing like an asthmatic walrus on or around December 23rd. I haven't tried the press with coffee yet but it works wonderfully with tea. Just thought you'd like to know.

Amy said...

I found mine in Target, in the clothing section...which was weird and totally worked because I so didn't go in there for that. or wrapping paper. White onesies...hehe, atleast you won't have to spend your first weeks doing laundry all day!

I think I've got matt's parents illness, and he got my family's. it's weird, it's like we're a real family now sharing germs and all.