10 pounds down 32 pounds to go!

Monday, December 03, 2007

"God, using candy for evil!"

I ate a literal ton of chocolate yesterday and two bowls of fruity pebbles pretty much because my head hurt. It still hurt this morning but it's slowly dwindled. I've decided it's Matt's fault and that maybe he was accidentally poisoning us with his welding and the new storm windows. The good thing about drafts is that they bring in itty bitty amounts of oxygen. When you seal them up, it is warmer, but also a bit carbon monoxidier. Not only could it kill us and all, I could gain a pound from all that pathetic "my head hurts" snacking. Geez.

Apart from being poisoned, it was a very low-key weekend. Cleaning and shopping and another vow to not go to the mall again until january. We'll see how that goes. And now it's snowing. I found my winter stuff just in time. When they cancel school the week before the storm you think to yourself "maybe I should find my boots...and my hat". I found them after almost minutes of looking. I also found a few more bags that didn't get donated in the last big clean up. A few as in like five. I wouldn't think of myself as a purse person but all the evidence to the contrary will be seeing goodwill next weekend.

When I was a kid I used to hate having a December birthday because you always get Christmas crap for your birthday, or one present conveniently between them. What can I say, I was a greedy kid. I'm terrified of it now because there will be an influx of stuff in my house this month. I love my dad, but I do not need more cat pajamas. It's the worst because you can't give away the crazy gifts your family give you, you have to keep them forever and then get buried with them. I'm so glad that Matt and I don't do Christmas gifts because his brain would explode if he had to give me two gifts in one month and in the end it would just be more stuff in my house.

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Lauren said...

how do you not need more cat pajamas in maine. I just got some doggy pajamas in the mail. and no I don't care that I'm 27, everyone should have animal pajamas,